On “A-ha Moment”

“Christian artists tend to play it safe when creating music. Rarely do you find an artist willing to explore sounds, textures and to have a playful nature when writing music. Ife Samms is such an artist. Allowing herself to ‘play’ in this short but surprisingly pleasant EP, Aha Moment, Ife explores, creates, and produces an avant garde playground for the ears.

Ife Samms begins with “To Strive for Perfection,” a spoken word piece cleverly pieced together with eclectic electronic melodies, and spattering of words that begin the question of perfection through Christ. Rhythms and simple, yet fun melodies dominate the rest of the EP. There’s a child like quality with the sophistication of an adult allowing themselves to play with restraint, yet boldly paint soundscapes that invite the listener to enjoy the carefree nature. There’s a skipping waltz within “In Your Child-likeness” that is delightful, much like riding a bicycle down a street, or bouncing a ball at a park. Equally enjoyable are the tunes “Kid’s Play” and “Rest.” If there’s one thing this EP is lacking, it’s in length. All four tracks, much like playing, go by too fast.

Aha Moment is short, experimental, and has a strong Christian undertone. While there’s a definite child like quality to the EP, Ife Samms has definitely left room for adults to truly enjoy each one of the tracks. Ife wrote, produced and recorded this playful EP at her home in Brooklyn, NY.”

Blog post written by Solid Ground Reviews. Find their website here.

On The Funkophiles

“…The Funkophiles’ creativity and ability to interact with the crowd that gave them the edge.

“I think Funkophiles won because they were creative in their cover songs,” Moriello wrote. “Each one of them knew how to play their instrument with expertise and they were super comfortable with each other. In the beginning the crowd was skeptical but by the end they had the crowd going wild.”

Full write-up found on BU Pipe Dream’s website here.